A Free & Wide-Ranging API Roundup


Landing on an interesting dataset can be exciting but not necessarily enough to come up with a compelling project. We recently announced the ability to browse Enigma Public data experimentally with projects users have built with the Enigma Public API. The ideas are far-ranging from searching Google Trend terms across Enigma Public to predicting whether a public records request will see fruition.

There are countless of open APIs to play around with for your next web development project including, but certainly not limited to, the Enigma Public API. You can programmatically access thousands upon thousands of open datasets with our API. From the practical to the ridiculous, here is a short and sweet round up of a few of our favorites:

  1. NPR - A radio API for customizing a listening experience
  2. Genius - An API for song lyrics
  3. Unplugg API -- Forecasts for time series data
  4. British National Bibliography - Linked open data API for the British Library collection
  5. Geo IP - Geolocation of IP addresses
  6. Wunderground - Global coverage of weather forecasts
  7. USDA Food Composition Programmatic access to the USDA Food Composition Databases
  8. - Registered domain names
  9. Faceplusplus - Facial recognition API
  11. WordsAPI - An API for the English Language
  12. Open Trivia API - The open trivia database
  13. Dronestream - Tracks US drone strikes
  14. Intellexer - Natural language processing and text mining API
  15. Enigma Public - Programmatic access to the broadest repository of public data
  16. Library of Congress API - Programmatic access to the Library of Congress collection

If you have built something interesting with our API, we would love to showcase it on our projects page. Feel free to submit your work here and include your name, the title, URL and description of your project.

Otherwise, do reach out if there are other interesting APIs you’ve toyed with that should be included in this round up. In the meantime, happy (experimental) browsing.