Concourse Update: The New Data Operations Experience


When it comes to our products, we’re focused on creating tooling that’s an extension of how our users think about and engage with data. Today, we’re releasing new enhancements to Concourse, our data operations platform. Beyond delivering better overall performance and a new sleek interface, we’re introducing new functionality and education resources that enable users to better manage and seamlessly integrate their data operations activities.

Parser Tracking

Keep an Eye on Your Parsers

It's now much easier to track parsers and their related activities. Our new identification system makes it simple to reference parsers via unique ID numbers. New search functionality allows you to search parsers by name, ID, or keyword, or filter by status to quickly identify parsers that require action. Additionally, the new notifications page offers a streamlined view of parser activity across your organizations.


Integrate your Workflows with Webhooks

With the addition of webhooks for Concourse, you can set up real-time integrations with external tools. Webhooks let you subscribe tools like Slack, Twilio or JIRA to key parser events, such as a parser starting, completing, or failing, to trigger notifications or other processes. For example, you could use webhooks to trigger a ticket creation process in JIRA or send an update to a specific channel in your messaging app if a parser fails. We’re enabling key collaboration integrations that make it easier for you (and other individuals across your organization) to stay informed wherever you are—without having to change your workflow or brave your email inbox.

2 0 Runtime Training Landing Page

Become a Concourse Master

Introducing a brand new training site. From product overviews and installation instructions to step-by-step tutorials on how to write parsers or create custom steps, Concourse Training offers resources for users of all levels. There’s a guided track through the basics to get you acquainted with the language and platform, or you can search for specific topics if you’re looking for something in particular.

Additional enhancements to your Concourse experience include:

  • Faster API response time
  • Strengthened security with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Increased parsing job execution speed
  • Streamlined email notifications
  • Redesigned pip server for easier sharing and discovery
  • Dozens of new parser steps

Interested in learning more about the new functionality and resources in Concourse? Get in touch!

Editor's Note: At the time of original publish, this product was named ParseKit.