Knowledge graphs deliver intelligence.

Bridge data gaps that restrict decisions.

Organizations are limited by disconnected and incomplete data. Knowledge graphs provide direction with comprehensive data.

Optimize workflows with insight on people, places, and companies.

Knowledge graphs expose essential information at the altitude you need it to know your customer (KYC) or your target marketing segments.

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Access data curated to your critical needs.

Knowledge graphs unify your internal data with our repository of relevant, trusted public and third party data to provide an enriched representation of your world.

Merge your data with the world’s broadest collection of real world data.

Discover new connections across datasets through our machine learning.

Integrate information across your systems and allow knowledge to grow.

Committed to transparency, scalability, and real world data expertise.

Machine intelligence: Our data scientists curate data into domain models based in machine learning to enable scalable data onboarding.

Transparent and trustworthy: We rigorously track sources, rank information quality based on demonstrated experience, and learn from our ever-growing collection of unique public and third party data.

Acquire trusted, comprehensive intelligence on 30 million U.S. SMBs.

Application Spotlight: Knowledge Graphs for Company Data

99.7% of U.S. businesses are SMBs, but available data coverage of these companies is sparse. Enigma connects millions of public and third party data records to answer all of your questions about SMBs for application pre-fill, verification, and beyond.